Jtd to date

The actual amount billed to date through the year and period displays. That may have been my best job to datebecause it was one of those unusual times when you can sort of marry your artistic life and your political life. This is the standard percent calculation. When earned revenue exceeds the billed amount, under-billing has occurred. This definition appears rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: The projected gross profit at completion is calculated as the jtd to date between the contract amount and the projected cost. The over-billing figure is calculated as the difference between earned revenue and the billed amount, jtd to date.

jtd to date

Apr 7, Job-to-Date Details: Make It Easy for Project Managers to See for You can also create a project dashpart displaying all your JTD data for your. Find the latest earnings report and earnings surprise history for Nuveen Tax- Advantaged Dividend Growth Fund (JTD) at www.saomigueldogostoso.info How is Job to Date abbreviated? JTD stands for Job to Date. JTD is defined as Job to Date rarely. The Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth Fund invests in dividend-paying stocks, and seeks to reduce potential federal income tax liabilities for the holders of its. Crystal Report Calculations - JTD Contract Status with YTD - All The projected formats of the Contract Status Report provide date-sensitive financial.
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